Dogtooth house

A half-size but full-impact end-of-terrace transformation which showcases outstanding texture and design.

exterior shot of the property



11 Months

Project length


Square metres

The Brief

To build a new house on the very narrow (4.5m strip) plot of a house that was previously bombed-out in WW2. This wasn't to be any ordinary property but instead, an architect-led passion project to honour the client’s father who bought the plot but hadn't managed to develop it. The home needed to mirror its neighbours and boast a basement, whilst doffing its cap to the brick colours and detailing the street already displayed.

Our solution

With a precarious neighbouring home on one side (which had survived the bomb but still displayed its injuries) and an actively-used children’s playground on the other, sensitivity and safety were paramount in building this new house. To combat the challenge, a hybrid steel and timber frame construction (decided upon by the architect) was used, erected by hand due to space restrictions.

The outcome

Comfortable accommodation, double-height ceilings and a design tipping its hat at the street’s 150-year heritage. A beautifully detailed and functional home, designed by A-Zero Architects and brought to life by March Construction. We excelled in delivering the aesthetic design as well as seeking solutions to the numerous technical challenges and making all elements work in harmony.

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