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Sustainable procurement, building practices and supply are intrinsic to our business. From timber frames and SIPS to living roofs and passive spaces, ethical legacy and building in harmony comes as standard.

interior shot of a wooden kitchen diner

How we tread

Construction is a business where waste is difficult to avoid, so we ensure our teams and supply chain partners work hard to ensure all materials of natural impact are disposed of responsibly or reused in our future builds.

Rebuilding the outdoors

We can’t always avoid disrupting nature on-site, so we strive to replace – or enhance – the natural environment before we leave. We ensure that tight knit hedgerows are replanted, garden planning is sympathetic to the soils and wildlife environments are recreated through considerate landscaping and the external elements of a build.

Hiding in plain sight

Many of our clients are sensitive to the visual impact of their project, with a desire to be striking without being obvious.

By using larch boards, growing roofs, vertical planting and more, we bring nature in as a partner on the builds, leaving space for it to flourish and add character, allowing the building to blend with its surroundings.

Nick and Vicky Holloway

March Construction are our go-to guys for complex projects – their experience with groundworks, basements, commercial projects, steel frames and more means we know that they can take whatever we throw at them. Over the years they have provided our clients with incredible amounts of guidance and support. To say that they have gone above and beyond feels like would be selling them short.

Vicky Holloway
Director, Holloway and Holloway Architects

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